The farm is located in the heart of the Marquis of Crotone, more precisely in "Murgie of Strongoli" outside the town of Strongoli. It represents one of the most interesting and charming SCI (Site of Community Importance) in the province of Crotone.

It is said that Filottete, the legendary warrior, son of Piante and friend of Hercules, took seven ships and after he destroyed Troy he reached the Ionian coast. During the trip was abandoned by his companions on the island of Lemnos because of the intolerable stench that emanated from the gangrenous wound in the leg caused by the bite of a snake. He remained there until the Greeks went to take it back, later (since according to the oracle that without the bow and arrow Troy could not be taken), Apollo healed him, and it was Philoctetes to decide the fate of war, killing Paris with an arrow.

When he returned home he was driven from her and went to Italy, reaching the Neto delta where the Trojan women burned the ships. Philoctetes unable to continue the journey, he stopped near the Neto river entering the hinterland where he was hosted by a group of indigenous camped in huts. Later he founded the city of Macalla and Petelia. Macalla developed on the plateau of the Murgia until the third century BC, later on the population moved to Petelia.

In place of Murgie, there are substantial remains of the ancient Macalla, scene of the battle in the year 208 BC, was fought a bloody battle between the Romans and Carthaginians, with the complete defeat of the former.

Petelia surrendered to the Punic troops after 11 months of siege and heroic resistance. Hannibal gave her in custody to bretti.