The production of cheeses made ⤋⤋with only milk from our sheep, is limited to the production of pecorino and ricotta.

Even with the introduction of innovations that the dairy technology has made available, the traditional production process has been kept intact. Fresh milk of sheep from flocks reared in the wild pretty much on natural pastures, is transferred on a daily basis at the processing center, where it is measured, analyzed, filtered and processed raw as in the age-old tradition of sheep farming.

Where and how you can buy our products:

  • Directly at the farm, where you can also buy eggs, Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina, extra virgin olive oil and other local products;
  • With a simple call phone;
  • E-commerce directly from our website.

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Organic pecorino cheese

Our cheese is made ⤋⤋from the milk of our pastures and ancient methods: with natural rennet and ripening in natural temperature on wooden planks in beech) with upside-periodic and anointing a week once a month with olive oil.

Ricotta cheese pecorina White or Smoked

Ricotta pecorine white preserves the delicacy of fresh ricotta, enhancing taste and goodness in an intense way, fresh seeds can be eaten as a table cheese, or aged, like grating cheese. The smoked ricotta with olive or orange wood preserves all the features of the ricotta white, but with a more intense flavour given by the smoking process.