Senatore Cappelli Flour

Flour and durum wheat semolina organic "Senatore Cappelli." Stone grounded. Products of high digestibility, which are also against gluten intolerance and allergies, this is because the Senatore Cappelli durum wheat, the original variety, it is free from any contamination and mutagenesis. 

The Senatore Cappelli, named after the political Abruzzese Senator Raffaele Cappelli promoter in the 900 agrarian reform that led to the distribution of this wheat to make flour, stone-ground, suitable for pasta, bread and pizza of superior quality, it is also the wheat for decades has supported the Marquis Crotonese (the breadbasket of the South). It was the search of the doctor Calabrese Joseph Talarico from Casabona town, who had extolled the features in the book "Bread and Wheat."