Born from the passion of Luigi De Tursi, back in the early twentieth century, the farm today is managed by his son Giuseppe, who maintained the original methods of farming country, the ancient traditions related to the production and processing of milk, maintaing and meeting the rules dictated by the strict sanitary regulations CEE.

The farm is conducted organically since 1994, it covers an area of ⤋⤋90 hectares devoted to crops and natural pastures fully intended for the sheep conducted in the wild.

Today, the mission that drives the farm is the production of one of the true jewels of the culinary landscape of our territory "Pecorino Biologico" that wants d to meet the demand for a specific target niche consumer.

Therefore, to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers, it became necessary to produce a quality artisan cheese, organic certified, demonstrating the integrity of a production process that meet rules and traditions.